About Us

While Delhi offers a bewildering array of eating joints, there is a tendency in the media to focus on those which make commercial sense to the media mogul, but which regrettably often make little sense to those looking for value for money and plain good taste. Consequently, most of us don’t even get to hear about the many unpretentious places which thankfully, still abound in Delhi, and which — whether elegant hotels or simple streetside stalls — offer a truly rewarding experience to the foodie who is willing to venture away from the beaten path.

Eating Out in Delhi is thus an attempt to discover and share the hidden gems of Delhi’s food scene, those

gastronomic violets by the mossy stone,
half hidden from the eye,
fair as a star, when only one
is shining in the sky.

… with apologies to Wordsworth šŸ™‚

In its very spirit, such an endeavour must share inputs from an open community of people. To that end, we eagerly invite you to join us as a contributor on this blog. Alternatively, if you have your own web space which shares a similar philosophy, we’d be happy to blogroll you.

Happily, a small community has already built up around this little venture of ours. There is an Orkut forum with over 500 members at last count, which hosts online discussions. In addition, a budding core of committed foodies has emerged, who enjoy getting together for “field trips” to hitherto unexplored eateries every now and then. We post plans of such outings on our google calendar. To join us, pleaseĀ drop us an email at ‘eating out in delhi at gmail dot com’

And if you’re just passing by, if nothing else, do drop us a comment or two on our blog posts, to share your opinions, suggestions, and to encourage us in our exploits!

Bon appetit!

~ Hemanshu Kumar

Media Mentions

Here’s what Time Out Delhi had to say about us. They interviewed Hemanshu again for their anniversary issue in April 2009.

Here’s something from the Indian Express.

There’s a piece in the India Today as well.

We were mentioned in the October 2008 issue of American Express’ Departures magazine.

Hemanshu discussed EOiD and Delhi’s street food on The Expat Show at livemint.com. The discussion was broken up into two different podcasts posted in December 2008; you can find themĀ here and here.

Hemanshu also hosted Andrew Zimmern on the Delhi edition of his show Bizarre Foods, which first aired on the Travel Channel in April 2008.

EOiD member Sachin Kalbag regularly writes about his foodie experiences in the Mail Today newspaper. He published pieces about our Karim’s outing on Nov 23, 2008 and our Lucknow trip on Dec 7, 2008.