Momo’s affair

Zero is not India’s greatest contribution to mankind, it’s the Manchurian. What, with all the jeera, dhaniya, and even garam masala it seems right from the heart of the Guangdong province, doesn’t it?

The Nepali kancha cooking chowmein in that pseudo-wok (essentially a kadhai) isn’t all that bad, I’ve realized. I’ve had the ‘real’ Chinese – and no, House of Ming isn’t the absolute Chinese-Chinese — and I’ve had the Indian-Chinese. I’m a sucker for both, but it’s the Indie-Chinese that leaves you with that strong aftertaste of dark soy, chilli and garlic — reminiscent of the yum that was.

As far as writing about food is concerned, I’ve always believed that it should be fairly concise. I say a good food article should go: “best paneer: x; best chicken: y; best daal: z”. So, cutting short the eloquent banter, lets get down to business…er…drooling. (If you really want to read, here’s something on the history of Indie-Chinese cuisine)

Momos are popular in Lhasa and they are popular in Delhi. Us Dilli-wallahs love our momos. Apart from the maida covering and the filling, a momo’s character is essentially defined by the sauce that accompanies; a good momo should score on all these counts.

For some of the best momos in town, head to the Pocket B market in Jal-Vayu Vihar, NOIDA. This was the first momo joint I know of that actually ran out of vegetarian momos! The serving size is perfect for a meal and the lime coriander soup and magical-red momo sauce are stock accompaniments. The sauce is fiery hot and the clear soup with a sprinkle of fresh cilantro compliments the sauce and the momos — it’s wholesomely filling yet light, and douses the fire from the sauce. Oh, and it’s all so addictive! Coming round to the momos – they have a thin maida covering which makes them rather light and refreshing; the filling is liberal and uniformly distributed, ensuring that there is no bite of just that maida.

If you can’t make it to NOIDA anytime soon, worry you not, EOiD comes to the rescue. Other good momo joints include Momo Point in Kamla Nagar (in the lane behind the main market on Bungalow Road that has Barista, Nike et cetera). The momos at Momo Point are different in that they have a cooked filling, thus making the momo in itself tasty even without the sauce — talk about self-sufficient momos! Then there is this guy who stands behind the Benetton showroom (in the Lacoste lane) in South Extension. His USP is that the sauce – though artificially orangey – is actually tasty and not just irritatingly hot. Besides, brother comrades also report that Majnu ka Tila steams good momos: check them out here.

Enough talking about momo history and momos being characterful and self-sufficient — I think it’s about time we stop writing and head out to doing what we’re best at — let’s get that momo!

15 thoughts on “Momo’s affair”

  1. have you tried the momos at sikkim house? those are really good too.. abt 12 in a plate.. and although they serve a yummy sauce, theres not soup 😦 but otherwise, really good, and im not usually a momo fan 🙂

    how abt a series on the ‘houses’? like andhra bhavan? and tamil nadu bhavan has really good food too i believe.. and all these places are cheap 🙂

    in south delhi, another place with good cheap food is malviya nagar..

  2. Yes, I’ve heard about Sikkim House (12-14, Panchsheel Marg, Chankayapuri) too. Haven’t tried it though, will do.

    For the ‘houses’ check out the thread titled: “Sarkari Khana” on the EOiD Orkut community. And, anything particular in Malviya Nagar that you would suggest?


  3. oh and the prices at sikkim house.. 75 bucks for a plate of 4 momos.. and three of us spent 430 in toto for one of those chicken momo platters, chicken egg noodles, 2 bowls of thukpa, chicken hongkong and prawn fried rice.. so its pretty cheap 🙂

    am going to be trying kashmir bhavan soon.. will come back here and tell you guys abt it..

    and malviya nagar.. for starters this place called rimpy’s.. and karim’s has a branch there..

  4. ok rimpy’s is at E1/14 main market malviya nagar… great non-veg, decent kebabs, especially their seekhs..the butter chicken is great with their garlic naans 🙂

  5. Important news all:

    A couple of friends and I had gone to the Momo wallah in Jal Vayu Vihar today and it is with great regret and deep sorrow that I inform you about the vegetarian momos which have witnessed a remarkable drop in quality. The soup has been replaced by a non-veg only soup (chicken, I was told).

    Non vegetarians need not worry as the guy still dishes out some of the best chicken momos in town along with a nice sauce and chicken soup. Credible sources.

    Later then

  6. Try one in the Momo King, Kamla Nagar, right opposite the Momo Point. The Momo is nice, with ‘serious’ filling and marvelous soup.Too bad they didn’t provide ‘serious’ red souce, but overall it’s nice and least for my south east asian taste,hehehe.And speaking about the real chinese taste, for the 5 stars categor you can find it easily in The China, CP Area a, and for the pocket friendly version, Peace House restaurant in Majnu Ka Tilla is the best choice.Satisfaction Guaranteed..hehehe 😉

  7. Shocking! Talking about momos and absolutely no mention of the Meccas of Momos – Dilli Haat and Chanakya Momo Market – is a complete mo-mo, i mean no-no.

    If there are momos, I eat ’em…I am what they call a momosexual!

    What about the cyclewallah selling momos in the GK market parking lot? Or the Tibetian Sisters in Lajpat Nagar market or Cafe Brown Sugar Momos at GK Market?

    Anyway, i completely agree with you when you say that the accompanying red, fiery chilly sauce is what makes or breaks a Momo. That is the reason why I just love the momos at Shop#16, Chimney Sizzlers at Yashwant Palace Market (Chanakya) and the chicken clear stock alongwith…Try it!

    P.S: Nandita, I didn’t really like the momos at Sikkim house that much…

  8. Hi guys,
    If someone is really mad about Dal makhni and malai kofta,
    rohini is the place for you.
    There is small restaurant named Lazeez, its in sector 7,near punjabi rasoi.
    Its quite easy on the pocket too as a meal for two wont cost more than 150 bucks, however dont try non-veg over there its not worth it (my friends say soo as i am a vegetarian)


  9. I tried the Momos at Sikkim House 2 weeks back and they were definately better than what we generally get in Delhi Haat/ Chanakya/ Momos point at North campus and Lajpat Nagar……
    75 bucks for plate of 12 momos ……….no soup as nandeeta mentioned above. But the momos are not at all heavy as you will find in other places and one person can finish all of them 🙂 …….. well i did and that was 1.5 hrs after having lunch at triveni cafe 😀

    This place is otherwise good also and thukpa was also excellent…………..i think we should plan a field visit there sometime. Totally value for money stuff.


  11. can some one tell me what are the timing of the state house meals are… i mean like sikkim house etc….and can some one tell me where shall i get cheap and tasty fish n mutton preparation in noida…..tired of eating the alu parathas ,,they r a total bore

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